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Temporomandibular Joint in Function/Dysfunction

This publication features two unique resources for the dentist or other health professional. First is a selection of 24 beautiful colored illustrations, by the author, of both normal and dysfunctional anatomy of the temporomandibular joints.

The second equally valuable resource is an extensive text that thoroughly describes current understanding of the functional and dysfunctional anatomy of the TM joints.

Ideal for patients

These illustrations are ideal for use when describing internal derangements (clicking, popping, catching, locking) to your patients.

Developed for the professional

The text is intended for health care professionals who are relatively unfamiliar with the functional anatomy of these elegant but complex joints.

Unlike any other

There is no other source that provides such a concise description of the joint anatomy and function, using easy-to-understand terminology.

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About presents an illustrated text that assists the patient and professional alike in understanding the most important anatomical and functional information about temporomandibular joint function and dysfunction.
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